Twitter permanently suspends Alex Jones, InfoWars

Twitter permanently suspends Alex Jones, InfoWars

Twitter permanently suspended Alex Jones and his far-right website InfoWars on Thursday, attributing the move to tweets and videos that violated its policies against abusive behavior.

The action came a day after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared before two congressional committees to testify on concerns including Republican allegations that his company suppresses conservative voices. Jones has been a leading voice behind that claim.

The ban is sure to rankle some conservatives who claim tech platforms single out right-leaning accounts for punishment. But it will be welcome news to Jones’ many critics, conservative and liberal alike, who say he poisons the public discourse through actions like inciting his followers to harass the families of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, which he’s called a hoax staged by actors.

Twitter, which last month temporarily restricted Jones and InfoWars, follows Facebook and Google’s YouTube in giving him and his outlet the boot. The company faced criticism for being slow to act and for not initially joining its peers in permanently banning Jones.

During Dorsey’s first congressional hearing Wednesday, Jones made a surprise appearance, at points sitting feet away from the Twitter chief in the front row of the hearing room. The InfoWars host, known for peddling baseless conspiracy theories, later clashed with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) outside the hearing room and sought to confront Dorsey as he exited the building after his testimony concluded.

In Congress, Dorsey challenged claims from Republican lawmakers that Twitter has stifled conservative viewpoints. “We don’t consider political viewpoints, perspectives, or party affiliation in any of our policies or enforcement decisions. Period,” the CEO told lawmakers. “Impartiality is our guiding principle.”